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Propaganda By The Seed

Dec 14, 2022

In this episode Aaron and Tim talk a bit about what we learned this year, what are excited about for next year and some of our favorite tools. Rather then rambling on indefinitely we decided to check back with some previous guests about their year and well as checking in some other people who we think are doing interesting stuff.

- Zach Elfers ( @susq_woodlum on IG) was our 2nd ever guest on PBTS, you can buy plants from him at Future Forest Plants or seeds at He mentions a tool from Rebel Garden Tools.

-Davis Wang ( @humbleabodenursery on IG). Davis is a nurseryman from Ashfield, MA. His IG has some great content on plants, propagation and the occasional goofy video. Check out his video series on making a mist bed. You can buy plants from Davis at

- Andy from Poor Prole’s Almanac ( @poorprolesalmanac on IG). Aaron was a guest on Poor Prole’s Almanac awhile back. Check out Andy’s other podcast Tomorrow, Today and his new-ish project @PPAsites . For more info on Earthnut Pea breeding check out this facebook group.

- Mallory O'Donnell ( @mallorylodonnell on IG). Mallory was a guest on PBTS in spring of 2022. This section gets into some more political and philosophical topics.

Outro music is part of Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.