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Propaganda By The Seed

Mar 26, 2020

In today’s episode of Propaganda By The Seed we wanted to do a basic gardening episode to get people growing in these dark times.  Considering that this year is already full of uncertainty and chaos learning to grow food can only be a positive thing.  In this episode we talk about the basics of starting plants from seed, preparing a bed using sheet mulching,getting the plants in the ground, using compost to produce healthy plants and obtaining the things you need to get the whole project off the ground.   We also talk about using cold frames and low tunnels for season extension and discuss some of our favorite perennial plants to grow.  There is lots of information for new growers and experienced growers  To follow this episode up, if people have questions we’ll be hosting a live Q&A on jitsi on Monday, March 30th 2020, 7PM EST here.

In this episode we mention the planting specifications from the Fedco Catalogue, you can view it here or check out the interactive version of the vegetable seed chart here.  

To support this project you can pick up seeds, trees and plants from Edgewood Nursery(Use the code SOLECAST for 10% off) or support sole on patreon.  


Music: Our Hero is Gone : "Like Weeds"