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Propaganda By The Seed

Apr 22, 2022

In todays episode of Propaganda By The Seed we talk with Nicole from Solidarity Apothecary who is currently in Poland supporting refugees from Ukraine with Herbal Medicines.   From the website: The main focus of the Solidarity Apothecary is making and distributing plant medicines to people experiencing state violence and repression. This includes people being arrested, on trial, imprisoned, detained or recovering from these experiences, as well as prisoner families, frontline organisers and more.  In this conversation we talk about the origins of this project, her experiences as a political prisoner,  the experience of supporting refugees(both in Calais and Poland), and some of her favorite plant medicines to make.  We also discuss Nicole’s good friend and former partner Anna Campbell who died in Rojava fighting with the YPG.  In this interview we talk about  her books “Overcoming Burnout,” “The Medicinal Herb Coloring Book,” The Prisoner’s Herbal Book and a course she offers on making herbal medicines with glycerin.

   To support Solidarity Apothecary's current work supporting Ukranian Refugees and all the other ongoing work, donate here.  and follow on the gram Cover: A Botannical Drawing of Valerian, an herbal sleep aid that has become nearly impossible to find in Ukraine due to Russia's invasion.

Music “Don't Burn The Witch” by OI POLLOI