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Propaganda By The Seed

May 23, 2019

This episode of the Solecast I sit down with Stephen Barstow, aka The Extreme Salad Man to talk about his work documenting and popularizing rare edible plants. We are also joined by Aaron Parker from Edgewood Nursery who introduced me to Stephen's work and also grows and sells a lot of these plants.

In this conversation we talk about his book "Around the World In 80 Plants," his website and his lifelong quest to research, catalogue, grow and experiment with thousands of rare edible plants from around the world. We get into his origin story as a vegetarian in meat-centric Norway uncovering the growing potentials in his region through foraging. He talks about his travels around the world learning about how these plants are grown, used and then bringing those plants home to cultivate. For anyone who is bored with growing the same old shit, or interested in permaculture/forest farming his work is inspiring, informative and coverers a much wider range of vegetables then are commonly discussed in permaculture and market farming.

Pick up his book "Around The World In 80 Plants" direct from Stephen and check out his website

My guest co-host for this interview, Aaron from Edgewood Nursery sells a lot of the plants and seeds for the perennial plants that Stephen promotes, check out his website at