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Propaganda By The Seed

Mar 15, 2022

Propaganda by the Spore is back! In this episode we cover mycorrhizal fungi and their fascinating interactions with plants, along with some details about how to support that connection and manage fruit trees for maximum health. We are sad to report that our guest for this episode Michael Phillips suffered a fatal heart attack just a few days after recording this interview. He was a warm and humble person who really advanced the art and science of orcharding in a substantial way. We are joined in the introduction by Eliza “The Apple Queen” Greenman to reflect on Michael’s life and legacy for a few minutes before getting into depths of the mycorrhizal world.

You can purchase Michael’s books from his website, which we highly recommend, especially The Holistic Orchard.

To hear Michael talk on a broader range of orcharding topics we recommend this video, there is also a huge amount of info available at his Holistic Orchard Network.

You can support Michael’s family in staying on their farm by donating to their Go Fund Me