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Propaganda By The Seed

Aug 28, 2020

  In this episode of Solecast we chat with Ousman Ndure.  Ousman is a farmer from Gambia who immigrated to Westbrook, ME.  We talk about his life in Gambia, and how he managed an independent market farm.   He goes in depth about growing cashews, peanuts, rice, millet,  mangos, cassava, and other interesting greens like sour sour(Roselle Hibiscus).  He also describes the techniques he used to dig wells in the dry season.  Ousman is currently farming a plot at the Hurricane Valley Land Trust.  This is a wide ranging conversation that covers a ton of ground, from cooking ideas to growing.     (Editors note: after this interview I prepared some sorrel in the way he described making a drink with “sour sour leaves” and was blown away by how good it was)