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Propaganda By The Seed

Nov 25, 2020

In the season finale of Propaganda By The Seed, we look back on our first year of doing the podcast and what we’ve learned from it.  We spend the bulk of the podcast detailing late fall activities that can be done to grow trees and perennial vegetables from seed.  Aaron lays out multiple methods for growing nut trees, stone fruit trees (peach, cherry, paw paw, etc.), and perennial vegetables from seed.  Starting a backyard forest garden or large scale planting can be very expensive and learning the methods of growing from seed is a fun and cheap way to save thousands of dollars.  We talk about where to get these plants, how to store and stratify then, and how to fertilize them, take care of them and transplant them.     Thanks for listening to Season One of Propaganda By The Seed.  If you’ve enjoyed this podcast we’d love to hear from you, pop us an email at edgewoodlandscapes (at) yahoo or sole (at) .   If you want to support us financially you can pick up some plants from Edgewood Nursery or subscribe to the Sole patreon.