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Propaganda By The Seed

Jan 9, 2020

In this episode of the Solecast “plant of the month” series we will be talking about Stinging Nettle. While hated by many, Nettles are highly valuable to those that can appreciate their many positive attributes. Stinging Nettle is an herbaceous perennial that is found all over the world. They have been used throughout history as a medicine, a food source, for fiber, cordage and ceremonies. We talk about how they grow, how to propagate them, how to cook with the leaves and some of their other uses. For some nettle photos checkout the Edgewood Nursery instagram.

This episode is sponsored by Edgewood Nursery, producing unusual edible plants in a regenerative permaculture system in so called Falmouth, Maine. Check out our online storefront and use the code "SOLECAST" at checkout for 10% off your order. While Nettle plants are not available at the time we release this episode, they are available any time the ground isn't frozen at the nursery and can be found at this page.

Outro Music “Like Weeds” by Yacht Communism (Formerly His Hero Is Gone)