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Propaganda By The Seed

Nov 13, 2023

In this episode of propaganda by the seed we sit down with Nick from Goen Foods.  Goen Foods is primarly known as a Miso producer in Maine, but also produces a wide range of koji based products.  Nick also is an all around promoter of fermented foods/practices and helps to organize Maine’s Fermentation Fair.  This conversation is an incredible glimpse into the world of Koji, some pointers and ideas for how to use it, how to grow it, some  information about its history, traditional uses and a wide ranging conversation about fermentation, wild foods and (where applicable) where they cross over with Koji.  For many people Koji can seem like a daunting medium to work with and hopefully this conversation helps demystify it.    

Learn more about Goen Fermented Foods by visiting their website
or the gram