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Propaganda By The Seed

May 7, 2020

  In this episode of Propaganda By The Seed we talk with Zach Elfers, mostly about ground nut (apios americana), a north american native root crop and legume that has 3 times the protein content of potatoes.  Zach talks about the long history of indigenous use of ground nut as a staple crop in so called North America.  We also discuss how to cultivate them, where they are found, and its uses.   Zach also goes in depth about controlled burns, their usage by indigenous peoples and some applications for them to maintain land and build soil fertility.  Pick up Ground Nut Tubers from Edgewood Nursery here. To get 10% off your Edgewood Nursery order visit and enter Solecast at check out and/or support The Solecast on patreon